Copa D Donald passionate about design


Good design isn't much without it. Good design goes to heaven!

Copa D Donald has the ability to design anything imaginable


The most critical ingredient is present. There's no shortcut for good design!

Copa D Donald always has off the wall ideas


The architecture of unexplainable design. Fight against the ugliness!

Copa D Donald is the most creative person to ever hit the earth


Experimenting and Inventing with strategy. Good design doesn't date!

“ I do not fear design. I fear the lack of it. ”Donald Ngobeni

What i do

  • logo
  • For a effective, distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic and simple logo that will endure the test of time. LOOK NO FURTHER!
  • Corporate Identity
  • Optimise your corporate identity, make your brand or company sufficiently visible, consistent and distinctive. DO WHAT'S BEST!
  • Website
  • Have a polished, fresh, modern or profesional website with all the latest technologies and best practices. LETS DO THIS!